ESAB Electrodes Description
OK 48.00 ESAB Electrode

OK 48.00 deposits a tough , Crack-Resistant weld metal . LMA electrode for mild & low alloy steels E7018 Made in Hungry

OK 48.08 ESAB Electrode

OK 48.08 is an  LMA electrode with very good mechanical properties suitable for offshore  E7018-G Made in Sweden

OK 53.68 ESAB Electrode

OK 53.68 is an extra-high quality LMA electrode & it produces a small , easily controlled weld pool E7016-1 Made in Sweden

OK 55.00 ESAB Electrode

OK 55.00 is an  LMA electrode suitable for welding high strength & very resistant to hot crack  E7018-1  Made in Sweden

OK 73.08 ESAB Electrode

OK 73.08 is an  LMA electrode with weld metal with good corrosion resistance to sea-water  E8018-G  Made in Sweden

OK 73.68 ESAB Electrode

OK 73.68 is suitable for the welding of low alloy steels with impact requirments down to -60º E8018-C1 Made in Sweden

OK 74.46 ESAB Electrode

OK 74.46 with %0.5 Mo for welding steels for pressure vessels suitable for welding of pipes E7018-A1 Made in Sweden

OK 74.78 ESAB Electrode

OK 74.78 very suitable for high tensile steels use in low temperature app &  enclosed welding cladding of rails E9018-D1 Made in Sweden

OK 76.18 ESAB Electrode

OK 76.18 for welding of creep resistant steels of 1.25% Cr,0.5% Mo type & A 335  P11 type E8018-B2 Made in Sweden

OK 76.28 ESAB Electrode

OK 76.28 for welding of creep resistant steels of the 2.3% Cr , 1% Mo & A 335 P22 or similar E9018-B3 Made in Sweden

OK 76.35 ESAB Electrode

OK 76.35 for welding of creep resistant steels 5%Cr, 0.5%Mo & pipe welding with low spatter E8015-B6 Made in Sweden

OK 76.96 ESAB Electrode

OK 76.96 for welding of creep resistant steels 9%Cr , 1%Mo & pipe welding with low sppater E8015-B8 Made in Sweden

OK 76.96 ESAB Electrode

OK 76.98 is low hydrogen for welding 9%Cr steels P91 for all position welding in pipes & plates E9015-B9 Made in Sweden

OK 78.16 ESAB Electrode

OK 78.16 is a CrMo alloyed for welding of 0.25%C,1%Cr,0.3%Mo Q-T with high tensile strength E9018-G Made in Sweden


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