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Iran, Austria to prepare trade road map

Mohsen Jalalpour, the Chairman of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture received Reinhold Mitterlehner Austrian Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy in Tehran on Tuesday. 

During the meeting the two sides voiced satisfaction with long years of cooperation between the two countries and hoped to open a new chapter in private sector interactions. They further voiced hope for bright future in Iran-Austria relations.

Iranian official referred to the visit made by the delegation of many renowned Austrian companies as a demonstration of the same will by the Austrian side for broadening and deepening the bilateral ties.

Iran is a country with 80 million population neighboring 15 countries which gets 300 million people under influence; an attractive investment opportunity in the long run for the Austrian engineering firms and companies, said Jalalpour.

The chairman of Iran's Chamber of Commerce confirmed that Austrian firms can join Iranian renowned companies to explore the vast market of central Asia and Afghanistan with less marketing costs and many opened doors; something not easy to achieve without Iranians.

Pointing to unrest in the Middle East, Jalalpour added that most Middle-Easterners are rich and Iran is a secure and safe place to hub trade with the rich countries of the region.

The Iranian official reiterated that Iran is a stable country with cheap energy, economical workforce, developed infrastructures and experienced firms and companies.

Jalalpour reassured that joint projects will certainly be win-win cooperation for the companies and firms of both nations.

Reinhold Mitterlehner, for his part, expressed his joy with visiting Tehran as he called the metropolis a big and clean mega-city, feeling proud for having relations with Iran for hundreds of years.

The Austrian official reiterated that sanctions cannot block the ties with Tehran; despite the harms it afflicted the relations, the Vienna agreement of July 14 paved the way for reestablishing even stronger ties.

He also recounted that Iran and Austria are drafting a road map of trade cooperation till the year of 2020 with coming exchange of visits between Iranians and Austrians.

In the time of flourishing relations of Iran and Austria, we are determined to define win-win cooperation with Iran, said the Austrian official. 

Sep 10, 2015 09:08


Shanghai Cooperation Organization


The water and wastewater management authorities, known as ABFAs, which are run by the private sector, have signed an agreement with the Energy Ministry to implement seven projects across the country, the Fars News Agency reported on Monday

According to the plan, projects will be implemented for the provision of water supplies to the southeastern city of Khash and the central city of Garmsar, the construction of desalination units in the northern cities of Bandar Torkman and Gomishan and the southeastern city of Kerman, the improvement of wastewater treatment in the central city of Zavareh and the Iranian capital Tehran
Department of the Environment Director Masoumeh Ebtekar said on Sunday that water scarcity is a “crucial issue” for Iran, and there is also great concern that water conflicts could break out in the future 
Water is not utilized in a proper manner throughout the country, and this attitude must change, she added 
Tehran Times
Sep 10, 2014


Senior Iranian and Italian trade officials explored new avenues for paving the way

for the promotion of cooperation in various fields, specially in agricultural and railway sectors

In a meeting which was attended by Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce Gholam Hossein Shafeyee, the Chamber's Deputy Head for International Affairs Ali Akbar Farazi, Italy's Ambassador to Tehran Luca Giansanti, Director General for Italian Promotion (economy, culture and science) Andrea Meloni, and President of Italian Foreign Trade Agency Ricardo Monti, the two sides stressed the need for both Tehran and Rome to utilize each and every capacity and potential to broaden and widen economic relations, specially in the fields railway transportation and agriculture.

During the meeting, Shafeyee highlighted the long historic business relationship between Iran and Italy, and said, “Italy was the premiere economic partnership of Iran for past years and Italian heavy machinery in Iran's industries testify this brilliant relationship.”

Andrea Meloni, for his part, highlighted the longing of Italian companies to boost ties with Iran.

Monti, for his part, said Italian bilateral relationships with Iran must be developed in agriculture machinery, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, stone and other fields.

In March, in a meeting between Co-Chairman of Iran-Italy parliamentary friendship group Javad Heravi and Ettore Rosato, head of the Democratic Party at Italy's Chamber of Deputies in Tehran, the two sides vow to do their best to enhance bilateral ties, specially in parliamentary field

. / FNA
Jul 28, 2014


The National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) has drilled 45 oil wells during the first four-month

period of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21, July 20), a deputy head of the NIDC said


Mehran Mokvandi said the wells involved 113,357 meters of onshore and 13,389 meters of offshore drilling, the oil ministry's website reported.

He said the wells included 34 for the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), three for Iran's Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC), three for Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), one for Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) and two for the National Iranian Oil Company’s Exploration Directorate.

Mokvandi went on to say that the wells included 21 development wells, 20 repair wells, three appraisal wells and one exploration well.

NIDC is currently operating 74 offshore and onshore drilling rigs across the country.

The company is drilling wells in the supergiant South Pars gas field, North Azadegan and South Azadegan oilfields, Yaran and Azar oilfields under turnkey projects

. / FNA
Jul 28, 2014



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